Social events

The social events team is here to - you guessed it - organise social events!

With 1,800 pupils, St Ivo School has 3,000-plus parents/guardians, not to mention grandparents and extended family.

Most parents will only know a fraction of this number, most of whom they will have known during the primary school years.

Parents often say how difficult it is to get to know other parents at the secondary school stage - doubly so if you are new to the area.

We want to provide a number of social events at which parents can meet and mix and feel part of a single community of parents of St Ivo School.

SISA's social events calendar got off to a great start with a quiz last year that was very well attended. We're now looking ahead to the remainder of this academic year and into 2016/17. 

Coming up
  • Quiz Night (Spring 2017)

Previous events

Keep in touch

If there are any events you'd like us to put on, or you can spare some time to join this, or any other SISA team, we'd love to hear from you. Do get in touch.

And please let us know if you would like to help organise events and/or receive email updates by joining our mailing list.