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Upcoming dates for 2016/2017 school year:

Thurs   13th Oct
Feedback on start of Year/transition
Weds 16th Nov
Careers Guidance
Behaviour (including merits and demerits and canteen)
Tues 24th Jan
Assessment in KS3
Quality of homework (Eng, Ma, Sc)
Mon 13th Mar
Assessment in KS3
Changes to GCSE assessment
Thurs 11th May
Weds  28th Jun

Meeting minutes

28 Jun 2016
16 May 2016
10 Mar 2106
20 Jan 2016
24 Nov 2015
14 Sept 2015
29 June 2015
1 June 2015
What is the Parents' Forum?
We are a group of interested parents/carers of students from across the year groups at St Ivo School and final years of local feeder primary schools, together with teachers and governors, who meet on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to our children's time at the school.

Regular, open communication and consultation is highly valued at St Ivo School. The Parents' Forum aims to represent the views of all parents and to be a voice to inform our school of the needs of its students and families. It facilitates communication between parents/carers, staff and governors. 

The forum's aims
  • Provide feedback to the school on provision (for example parent information evenings and parents evenings) 
  • Allow parents to offer their perspective on current policy and practice (for example uniform and behaviour)  
  • A forum for parents to make suggestions that will improve our school
  • A forum for parents to discuss issues that may affect a number of parents/carers or students.  (for example, homework).   
Parents Forum is part of the St Ivo School Association (SISA). The leader of Parents' Forum is a Vice Chair, who is elected to the SISA committee.

The Parents Forum team will comprise a group of parents/carers who have volunteered to be involved. The Parent Forum's team is made up of parents and carers of students attending St Ivo School. We aim to have representatives from each year group.

If you would like to join the parents forum committee then please contact  

Parents forum Operations:
Initially, Parents Form will operate through Parents Forum meetings and via specific requests for response from the School. Parents Forum will advertise events and circulate minutes of Parents forum Meetings via the SISA Parents Forum Web Site.
Parents Forum Meetings:

Who attends meetings?
The Parent Forum Team, members of the senior leadership team, school staff and representatives of the governing body.

Parent forum meetings are held every half term. The agenda is prepared in advance of the meeting by the vice chair of the SISA committee and school and then circulated by email. 

A typical agenda includes:
  • Items identified by the governing body and leadership team for discussion
  • Items identified by parents and carers for discussion
How to raise an issue with Parents' Forum
If you have a point that you feel should be discussed at a parent forum meeting please get in touch with one of the members of Parent Forum or by emailing

Please note that the forum is not in place to address specific concerns about an individual child or issues relating to individual members of staff. Parents who need to discuss such issues should approach the school directly. The parent handbook includes details of who is the most appropriate person to contact in school.