About SISA

After a number of years without a parents' association, we are delighted to say that the St Ivo School Association is back and being led by a committee of keen parents with the full backing of the school and the board of governors.

Parents often comment that they feel closer and more engaged with their children's primary schools than when they move up to secondary school.

At primary school it's easy for parents to meet, socialise and find opportunities to support the school, both financially and otherwise. However, this gets much more difficult at secondary school - particularly one as large as St Ivo - where children come from far and wide and many parents' paths never cross. 

As a result, it can be easy to become increasingly disconnected from your childrens' secondary education; just at the point when they - and the school - need you most.

That's where the St Ivo School Association (SISA) comes in. SISA, and each of its committees, is run by a combination of parents and link teachers/governors. 

There are three strands to SISA:

1. Social events
We aim to run a series of events through the year that will help bring you into the school to have fun and meet other parents. Our first event, a quiz, was a great success and there are more to come.

2. In-school support
The in-school support team is helping to facilitate ways in which parents and their families can help the school directly, whether it's mentoring, supporting pupils' literacy - ie '7Jump', careers events or lending a practical hand painting, gardening and so on.

3. Parents' forum
Parents' forum offers a way in which the school can get a 'straw poll' of opinions from a cross-section of parents on key issues such as uniform, the school handbook, etc. It is also a route through which parents can give collective suggestions or feedback about any issues that concern them.

Whether you would like to help one or all of these strands, or just receive updates on events and activities, please join our mailing lists today. You can also join our dedicated Twitter feed.

All-parent emails will continue to come via ParentMail directly from the school.