5 Jan 2017

Fundraising: '200 Club' 2017

We often hear parents ask how they can support the school, especially in this difficult financial environment. 

SISA (the St Ivo School Association) is pleased to announce a new fundraising initiative to support the teaching and learning at St Ivo and at the same time, will give ‘pay back’ to those that buy into it in the form of a monthly prize draw.

For the remaining academic year we are planning to run a ‘200 Club’ to provide funds to support teaching and learning in the school for specific projects. Examples of previous purchases are high quality cameras for photography and specialist drawing boards for A Level Design Technology.

How it runs

Our aim is to sell at least 200 numbers at a ‘one-off’ payment of £10 per number. Every month, 3 numbers will be drawn at random resulting in 3 money prize winners allocated to the people whose numbers are drawn. All numbers will be included in the monthly draws.

For example:

  • 240 numbers sold at £10 for the year = £2400
  • ½ goes to school/SISA funds = £1200 (for additional student resources)
  • ½ towards monthly prizes = £1200
  • 6 monthly draws @ £200 per draw (1st prize 50% = £100; 2nd prize 35% = £70, 3rd prize 15% = £30)

How to buy tickets

From mid-January you can purchase a ‘200 Club’ number via the Parentmail website. At the end of January everyone taking part will be allocated and told their specific number (or numbers if more are purchased) that is kept throughout the remainder of the academic year. Please note the cut-off for purchasing numbers is February 1st 2017. There is no limit to the amount of numbers any one person can purchase.

We would like to run the ‘200’ club scheme with a minimum of 100 numbers sold, but if demand is higher than 200 then SISA will decide whether to increase the prize money or increase the number of prizes to 4 for each draw. The ‘Club’ will be named after the numbers sold, e.g. the SISA ‘223’ Club if 223 are sold! The school and prize money will be split half and half to calculate prize rates for each monthly prize.

The first draw will take place mid-February, with the following 5 draws taking place near the beginning of the calendar month (March 2017 – July 2017).

Winning numbers (not names) will be posted on the SISA website and a private parentmail message sent to the winners. There is a link to the SISA website from the main St Ivo school website. Prizes will be collected from the school.

We hope you feel able to support this fundraising initiative.

Thank you

SISA Committee