17 Aug 2015

IN-SCHOOL: Spruce II: The Return

Massive thanks to Lou, Erika, Maria, Jackie, Dave, Carol, Derek, Claire, Betony, Susan, Dan and Sam (aka our new Head Teacher, Mr Griffin) for all your help yesterday (hope that's everyone)

We stained, pruned, dug and painted our hearts out. The front of the school is beginning to take shape. 

Third and last spruce is Sat 29th August, when we'll be doing more of the same but in the centre of the school.

Thanks to those that have already volunteered. If you'd like to join them pls text 07702 089713 or just come along on the day (9:30-4ish).

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Emptying the bushes of litter


Even the speed bumps didn't escape our brushes

Thanks for taking it all away, Dan!