18 May 2015

School uniform

The governing body of St Ivo School issued the following message on Monday 18 May. The School Association welcomes the clarification and supports the school and governors in their aim to improve adherence to the policy.

School uniform

On behalf of the governing body, I would like to make a few comments regarding St Ivo School’s uniform policy and clarify last week’s ParentMail from the Acting Headteacher, Martin McGarry.

Firstly I would like to stress that the governors wholeheartedly support having a school uniform and ensuring that our students are dressed smartly and appropriately for school.

Unfortunately, while many students adhere to the policy, a minority continue to flout the rules by wearing trousers and footwear that are clearly unacceptable.

It is extremely regrettable that staff need to spend valuable time enforcing the uniform policy, particularly at a time when we are focused on improving the school’s performance.

Under the circumstances the school management felt that having just one supplier would remove any uncertainty about styles, making the process easier and simpler for parents and staff alike.

I have spoken to Martin McGarry about this and confirmed that the governing body is not unduly concerned where parents choose to buy their children’s trousers or skirts as long as they conform to the school uniform policy.

As a result of our conversation, I am pleased to confirm that trousers and skirts are permitted from other suppliers provided that they match closely the style of Price & Buckland.

If you have recently purchased clothes that conform to the school’s uniform policy, please be assured that your son or daughter can still wear them.

However, when buying uniform or shoes in the future can we please ask you to be extra careful that you do not contravene the school policy, more details of which can be found on the web site.

If you are finding it difficult to afford to buy school uniform, be it from Price & Buckland or anywhere else, please contact (name) on (number) to discuss what financial support the school can offer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the majority of parents and pupils who do follow the school’s guidelines and recognise the frustration which last week's ParentMail may have caused.

The new, stricter, rules come into force in September 2015. The governors have, however, asked the school to clamp down on students who blatantly contravene the rules by wearing items such as ‘jeggings’, leggings, jeans, trainers and so on with immediate effect.

As a final note, the governors are insisting that any future changes to school uniform have input from parents via the St Ivo School Association’s ‘Parents’ Forum’.

Yours sincerely,


Charles Glanville
Chair of Governors
St Ivo School